So in love with Cuba July 21

We were lucky enough to spend a few weeks in Cuba in May, and boy do we love that damn country!
The loveliest people you could ever want to meet, living together in that sweet sticky heat. Vintage cars and cigars, the beer and the rum, the beans and the rice.
And that music.
Everywhere we went there were people playing and I’ve got to say, I sat in every single time. Usually about six bands a night! Sometimes Nick would get up on the piano, but often there was no piano, so he would smoke cigars and take photos while I bum-rushed the stage to sing, play bongos, or my new toy the maracas.
I could say a lot about the maracas haha, but I think I’ll save that for another post and in the meantime please enjoy these lovely photographs taken by Nick in Bar Mirador, Xanadu, top floor of a 1920s mansion perched high on a sea-cliff on the Varadero peninsula, Cuba.